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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Economy and Business, Software |

Failure iOS6 makes some iPhone 5 consume data even within a Wi-Fi

6 Failure iOS iPhone 5 makes some consume data even within a Wi-Fi

Another problem comes up with the iPhone 5. Some phone users have reported significant increases in their bills due to a bug in iOS 6. A problem in the operating system has caused the mobile data continue consuming even while under a wireless network. The downside was first reported in late September with in the U.S.. Discreetly, Apple released a patch to resolve the error.

However, this problem continues to appear in other countries. In Australia, a couple of users have already complained about the excessive charge on their bills . In one example, it was a charge for $ 1,300 Australian dollars (1,023 euros) for 5 GB of consumption. In another, a Vodafone said a bill for $ 6,000 Australian (4724 euros) for 20 GB. In all cases, the telephone operators say they are aware of the problem, and suggest to the owners of an to turn off data consumption when under a Wi-Fi until they know of a solution.

Who will pay those bills? Users do not have any guilt, as the use of the data has been completely accidental. Providers are not responsible, because they are only providing the service. The fingers point to Apple, but neither seems to be no action to compensate those affected. The tactic that mobile operators are taking is to absorb the blow , informing users when they detect any abnormal activity in consumption and in the event that has taken place since the post will be reviewed case by case to find discrepancies in the use data.

For now, the problem has been reported only with iPhone 5 users, so if you have another phone model with iOS 6, should not (theoretically) worrying about failure. So far, operators have reacted well, assuming responsibility need not apply, pending Apple continue releasing patches to solve the problem. I can not imagine what would have happened in countries like Mexico, where mobile phone companies are not distinguished for their concern for their client-less, when it comes to issues such as a refund. So, until you know exactly what happens, better to take the precaution of consumption data off when not required. Steve Forstall, register yourself another tache .

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