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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Mobile |

Fast: a Facebook client for Android really fast

Fast: a Facebook client for Android really fast

One of the main complaints I hear about customer service officers as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, is about his speed. Personally, especially in the case of , the perception is very different. Stories that are slow to appear, notices that do not respond, messages that are not loaded and many details that it is difficult to enjoy a.

Fortunately, there are alternative applications that allow us to improve the experience in using these services from your mobile. For individuals who wish to simply and quickly to their Facebook accounts from Android, Google is available in Play a client that is called for Facebook Fast , easy and really fast.

When I decided to try it, after trying other alternatives without much success, I was skeptical about the promise of being able to enjoy all Facebook features, but twice as fast. However, I gave him the opportunity and Fast lived up to its name.

At the start it for the first time, the application allows us to choose an option to show images in low quality and so much more to increase loading speed. But even in high-quality application is much faster than the official Facebook client. This feature can be changed later from Fast settings.

As interface is not the best ever seen, but if we yield we must be willing to sacrifice some detail. The information display is well laid out and easy to read stories. The transition from the stream of news and the sight of a particular publication is done with astonishing speed. You can also change the background color and the color scheme to improve reading, in other words, we are not forced to use the color scheme typical of Facebook.

Fast: a Facebook client for Android really fast image 2

¿Features that might miss?, Virtually none. The application offers icons on both the top and bottom of the screen, through which you can access all of them:

  • On the top bar are the menu of the application (Tutorial, Profile, Settings, and Log), chat, and pages people search, direct access to our photos on Facebook and a button to reload the stream.
  • In the bottom bar you can access our groups and pages, messages, notifications and status updates.

Although it works really fast, the application is not perfect. For example, does not have push notification system (something the developers are proud) and can see a couple of mistakes in the translation of texts into Spanish, but I give the benefit of the doubt for being an application Beta phase.

To close and put the balance back in favor of Fast, the memory and battery consumption is very low. Something remarkable considering the high consumption with other applications that you have fewer features.

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