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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Feed+, an application for creating feeds Google+

One of the shortcomings that have Google+ , the social layer that envelops all Google services, is the absence of an API that allows third party applications to show the activity that takes place, therefore, no way to track the activity of our circles unless we use the official application for smartphones or through the browser will agree to. Since the launch of Google+, some developers have taken the time to create extensions and add-ons that integrate with other networks or open Google+ abroad. With the idea of opening Google+ and allow us to integrate the stream in other services and applications, Eric Koleda , a Google engineer, has developed an application for Chrome called Feed+ with which we can generate feeds from the publications engaged users Google+ .

The application for Feed+ is an interesting demonstrator possibilities of Google App Engine and resources that provides developers and offer the user a way with which integrate publications Google+ within Google Reader or, for example, as an RSS feed that integrate into Flipboard.

The usage is very simple since, after giving permits application execution in Google Chrome (and trust this developer and his script), all you have to do is add the url of the profiles you want to follow and Google+ therefore, those who want to transform into an RSS feed (although the feed is generated only public updates). For each profile you want to follow, or for search, the application will create a feed that can then lead to Google Reader or Flipboard (Additional feeds will be generated are stored in the application itself to have them always available).

The idea, in my point of view, is not bad but it would be much better once Google opened its social network to third-party applications and, as a curiosity, but waive the application of Google Chrome, we have generated feeds still work.

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