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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Apple |

Fender and Apple released a guitar that plugs into GarageBand

Fender and Apple released a guitar that plugs into GarageBand

The world of music is also being revolutionized by information technology and the latest technology devices, such as, of course, smartphones and tablets. We have seen symphony orchestras beginning to use iPads for displaying your scores and synchronization with the conductor, something magnificent. But what about the case of making music together with a mobile device? There is also, and the latest release of a Fender electric that can be connected directly to software and devices demonstrated.

This is a Squier Stratocaster guitar model to which its leaders have come up with incorporate a microUSB port, a 3.5mm jack port for headsets and best of all, compatibility with software, either through a Mac OS X or better yet, through an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with the installed application. This idea is just fantastic, and personally and amateur musician, is what it means in possibilities for recording, composing and even share tracks.

The video presentation of this guitar “special” makes clear as we can record tracks and send them to our partners in a band or musical group to join the demo, the mate to your own recordings or simply provide us their Comment on our improvisation or composition for the song that is being created, all from our home, or just anywhere where we are as we carry our instrument.

It is well known that GarageBand is an awesome software that complements and wonderful music creation and recording, including serving as a semi-professional studio musicians who are starting their career. That is why the possibilities for a guitar of this model created by Apple and Fender are great together.

In the picture above we can see the ports on the bottom of the guitar to connect with our Apple devices. But make no mistake about something, that does not mean that only works with an iPad or a Mac, and it also has a port for connecting traditional guitar amplifier. Best, impossible.

Already said Jordan Rudess, keyboardist of the group Dream Theater and creator of musical applications whom I interviewed a few months ago , mobile devices are changing the world of music, helping to evolve and complementing what a musician can do. And I have no doubt it. In fact, the only question I pose to see this innovative guitar is: Why did not someone had thought of before?

Finally, points out that the price of this guitar in the U.S. will be only $199.

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