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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Filtered Lumia future housing

Filtered Lumia future housing

The leak of what looks like the front cover of a new family member to design Lumia own buttons, reminds us that we’re a few days, and confirmed, Nokia event to introduce new handsets Windows Phone.

The piece is filtered under a 4.3 “display with the brand and the pendant itself the new Windows Phone 8 , which is slightly different from the existing terminals.

It seems that the piece belongs to a terminal midrange, since in the current Nokia handsets with Windows Phone 7, the highest-end phones have unibody designs, such as the Nokia Lumia 900 and 800 , while the lower ranges as 610 Lumia screens present in several parts, such as that seen in the image. The presentation of new devices in this range is interesting, especially if they maintain the same good feelings than their predecessors.

And with the emergence of this piece opens the door to speculation about future terminal screen resolution. Displaying the form factor of the screen it is safest to wait to use one of 3 new resolutions introduced by Microsoft in Windows Phone 8 (768x1280px, for example), so speak of screens with densities of more than 300dpi, but by the time we can only speculate.

With this hypothetical future model Nokia begin to complete the spectrum, since we know the launch of the Lumia 910 and 920, high end. On September 5 we will know more details in the event that Nokia phones present the next version of mobile operating system from Microsoft, is whether, even though Windows Phone is a breath of fresh air, the disappointment of existing users who do not may be updated, you come back around to the Finns.

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