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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Software |

Filtration Windows 8 application to sync with Windows Phone

Filtration Windows 8 application to sync with Windows Phone

Windows 8 will hit the market in late October, and promises to arrive in style, with a new interface, a version for tablets and many features and updates that will give a great impression to the public, especially Microsoft drawing environment devices mobile. But one of the biggest bets of Redmond is the marriage of their platforms, Xbox, and Windows 8, and the most recent leak shows another feature about it.

Many users have come to know the Zune platform and should be aware that it is ready to disappear completely, in fact, it is expected that the arrival of the new Microsoft operating system also comes to Zune. With this, a question arose, what platform will now be responsible for Windows Phone mobile sync with a PC and the answer can be seen in the picture above.

And that has leaked an image interface what promises to be an application to synchronize Windows Phone 8 terminals with Windows 8, which will export data, photographs, videos, contacts and more direct to the computer, and allows managing these files. This application together with synchronization of messages with Hotmail , SkyDrive files and allow the user support both on your computer and in the cloud, and it certainly sounds spectacular.

Besides this, it also launched a similar application for Windows 7, in order to offer the most features for users who have decided not to upgrade the version of your operating system.

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