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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Finding music while surfing in Chrome

Finding music while surfing in Chrome

The music is one of those things that appeals to almost everyone, and one of the most consumed content on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and of course desktop computers. And best of all, besides being able to consume virtually any device we can do it in a wide variety of programs for them, including web browsers.

And within the browser, Google Chrome is one of our favorites. Surely many of you listen to music while you sail, but how many do you do it directly from Chrome? That’s what allows us to directly Music-Plow .

Music-Plow is a supplement that can be found at the Chrome Web Store , which will become one of the essential for all music lovers and music addicts. With support for Grooveshark, YouTube and iTunes and Amazon stores, all you have to do is highlight the name of a song, artist or album and use the option to find music that will appear in the context menu.

Immediately we will show a popup with results both on YouTube and in Grooveshark, and we can play using both services in addition to buying the items in the stores mentioned above.

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