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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Internet |

Firefox 17, a very social browser

Firefox 17, a very social browser

Today November 20 as promised Mozilla, has released the new version of Firefox , ie Firefox 17 . This new stable version of Mozilla browser comes “under the arm” a bunch of interesting developments worth keeping in mind as well as being a version with extended support (ESR), puts the focus on safety and the social networking world thanks to the Social API , for example, offers the possibility to access from the browser to Facebook chat .

From the point of view of security, 17 includes, as previously announced, a utility (called Click-to-play) that will block default plugins has been deprecated, meaning that the browser will warn users Windows systems that your version of Adobe Reader, Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash Player is outdated and vulnerable and not load the page that requires this type of resources until they are updated. Although it may seem somewhat radical (although I must say that I find great extent), navigation really is not blocked at all because it’s not complicated bypass this restriction and risk using these plugins outdated (although it is advisable to follow the advice and update these ins to their latest versions).

10% of Mac users who are still stuck in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and also use Firefox can be found in the uncomfortable position of knowing that Firefox 17 is not supported for this version of Mac OS X, that is, users will have to stay as they are (stuck in an outdated version of Firefox) or consider using other Browsers that do have support in their environment.

Besides some improvements in performance (which is always appreciated), expanding the size of the icons in the Awesome Bar or attribute inclusion Sandbox for iframes in HTML5, one of the key features of Firefox 17 is their approach to society through the implementation of the Social API Firefox.

The first effect we see is the ability to integrate Facebook chat in your browser, ie, experience best use of Facebook without having to get into this social network and, therefore, work or surf without be changing from window to answer what our friends tell us. To enable this feature, all you have to do is visit (logically from Firefox) the Messenger page for Firefox that has enabled Facebook and activate the plugin. This activation will enable a “social bar” in Firefox that will see online contacts and a list of relevant updates that are happening on Facebook, that is, the same information we see on the right side of the interface when we visited Facebook from the desktop browser.

Firefox 17, a very social browser image 2

The idea is that Firefox Social API allows developers to have a pool of resources to do more social browsing experience and use Firefox, in fact, Mozilla hopes to expand the services available through the integrated browser more options and, above all, other players besides Facebook. browser opens the door to social, ie, a browser, and use it to visit websites, we will use it as a client of our favorite social networks and integrate this experience with navigation (enabling us to share content, such ).

Worth upgrading to Firefox 17 and start experimenting with the Facebook chat and integrations that will be coming next.

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