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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Mobile |

Firefox OS Simulator, a mobile operating system in your browser

Firefox OS Simulator, a mobile operating system in your browser

One of the Mozilla projects which are most of interest is Firefox OS , an operating system for mobile devices that aims to be a gap between Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 that aims to give the big sprint in January 2013. Mozilla’s bid aims to break down the barrier of the tightness of current mobile operating systems and bet on open standards and interoperability, ie by HTML5. There are several events that Mozilla has shown some prototypes of this operating system, for example, Telefónica has supported the project considering its integration into low-cost terminal. Thinking developers, Mozilla has decided to open the doors of Firefox OS and has launched a simulator that can install in addition to Firefox .

With this extension we can experiment a bit with and developers can use as a test platform to be introduced in this operating system really is a HTML browser running. As discussed at one time or another linked to the project developers, one of the advantages of Firefox OS is that the learning curve is very low since all you need to know is HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The extension, as we might imagine, is quite heavy (more than 50 MB), therefore, the browser will take some time to download and install (and may even show us a timeout message because the installation process later something more than usual with an extension). On this simulator, developers can install and test applications in an environment similar to that Mozilla intends to mobile devices and thus to polish their developments ahead of their release.

It is important to note that the extension has been published just two days and the OS Firefox project is still ongoing, therefore, we have a Alpha environment that will surely get more updates in the coming months.

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