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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Internet |

First look at Megabox, the new project of Kim Dotcom

Closing served to leave no offside its founder, Kim Dotcom, in addition to starting a campaign against the U.S. and the entertainment industry is also working on a project that aims to change the rules prevailing in this industry and direct bridge between users and artists. This new project, called Megabox, it seems that running “smooth sailing” in order to open its doors later this year and to show what is about to come, Dotcom has decided to publish a short promotional Video and a making off in that in addition to see developers working, we can see some pictures of how will this platform.

With the project implemented at 90%, according to own statements Dotcom, is a platform with which to turn the business of record companies and artists enable much more free because they can sell directly to users songs without being chained. According to information, little by little, has been revealing the founder of Megaupload, Megabox artists could reverse in 90% of the funds raised by their songs (an incentive rather succulent).

One of the strengths of Megabox is that sign exclusive contracts with artists who want to release the record and, as can be seen briefly in the video with the making off, would be first-rate artists as “The Black Keys” or of The Black Eyed Peas, even, could earn income free downloads by users (through Megakey system already have been under test with about a million users with satisfactory results).

What is Megakey? Based on the information revealed himself Dotcom, Megakey is an application that users would be installed to change the advertising they find on the web for ads from Megabox, thus consuming this advertising, users could access content for free (and in the case of not wanting to use Megakey could pay for content).

On the pictures you can see in the video introduction, plus see developers work, we can see some pieces that show what the new project of Kim Dotcom, a music portal where access to a collection of songs sorted by artists, musical styles or periods where, in addition, it seems that the social component will also have a large weight (presumably to encourage activity among users).

Everything indicates that at year end will open Megabox willing to change the stagnant music business, will he manage to achieve your goal? From my point of view, the approach of the service is quite interesting and if you really engage artists, Dotcom could really help to change things and finally renew a model for quite some time is stale.

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