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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Technology |

First printed in 3D acoustic

First printed in 3D acoustic

A while ago we talked about and its manufacturing method qualities as fast, flexible and cost that may mark a turning point and spark a new industrial revolution (however much some want to cut this way adding DRM to designs ). Creativity has no limits and 3D printing is a powerful vehicle that can make us march through innovative paths c hange the way we develop and manufacture prototypes everyday objects, such as an acoustic guitar .

The first acoustic guitar made from 3D printing is the work of Scott Summit , an industrial designer who is revolutionizing the field of orthopedic prostheses from Bespoke , the company he founded and which acts as CTO . Summit is working on the design of prostheses and manufactured by 3D printing, which allows considerable freedom of customization to patients who use them. Given this expertise, Summit spent their holidays to meet an old childhood dream: having an acoustic guitar as he had Jerry Garcia .

I always wanted a guitar like that $3,000 had touched Jerry Garcia

When I was a kid, Summit spent $100 to buy wood and other materials to build your own guitar but was a disaster but, years later, the world expert in 3D printing has been able to design and manufacture (using the services of the company 3D Systems , which is dedicated to prototyping 3D) fully functional acoustic guitar that also sounds good (or so he says after testing).

The idea of this industrial designer is that this prototype is not the only acoustic guitar made by this method ( electric guitars are also printed in 3D ) and want to refine the design to be able to control the pitch and this is a parameter that can be selecting within design (so that the user can request a guitar or bass tones will most acute and generate necessary to manufacture DAC).

The guitar, in the end, has fulfilled the dream of Summet doubly because, in addition to providing the instrument I wanted, the price of the prototype was around $3,000.

A rather curious project, especially when you consider that Sommet what took place during your vacation.

Picture: Bloomberg

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