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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in SmartPhones |

First tracks of Android 5.0

First tracks of Android 5.0

We recently had the official release of Android 4.2 . Everyone thought we would stop in 4.2 nomenclature be with Jelly Bean but that has not happened. And with little time to update our devices is already some evidence that it is testing Android 5.0.

It seems that for now the path to fragmentation is endless. Very few smartphones that have been upgraded to 4.2, some more at 4.1 but it seems Google does not care because as a result obtained in the benchmark NenaMark2 , a device that already has Android 5.0.

It seems that this device is one of trial and that Android 5.0 would not run on it. The device is a Sony LT30i list and could be a brother of Sony LT30p, that the commercial launch was renamed T Xperia . Moreover although rumors suggest that the device may be found only one test, yes that would be the next manufacturer Sony chosen by Google to develop the next Nexus. In fact Sony is the only major manufacturer that has not had a Nexus device and maybe this would help you grow your results.

For now the rumors suggest that Android 5.0 would be called Key Lime Pie, that following the tradition of sweets seems to be like a lemon pie. With how easy it is to normal releases names.

First tracks of Android 5.0 image 2

For now we must be cautious with this information and wait for more evidence emerging to suggest that indeed are testing Android 5.0 on various devices. On the one hand it is understandable that Google does not stop the machine to make updates to Android getting better but it is also true that with every release augmenta fragmentation . Many phones sold today running Gingerbread and perhaps many of them will never see an update. Google should make firm steps to prevent manufacturers and operators to hinder the progress of Android and that in the end the only updates are enjoyed by a minority and that hurts them.

Still and for which you have the kind of upgrade is the day, what options would you have brought the new Android 5.0?

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