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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Science |

First-V4: balancing robot

First-V4: balancing robot

A Japanese scientist has managed to build a biped robot to walk on a wire, with total balance, without help and without falling.

Masahiko Yamaguchi Japanese scientist, also called the Doctor Guero (nickname put his wife and coming evil scientist from Dragonball, Dr. Gero) has managed to re-create a that moves in the field of balance. Dr. Guero last year showed us the video of a little robot that was built and I was able to ride a bicycle at a speed more than decent and without aid. The robot could stop putting both feet on the ground and maintain during the tour.

That robot was First-V2 and a year later the shows his brother, Prime-V4, which is capable of balancing on a wire and move it. To achieve this the Doctor Guero has not built the robot from scratch but has changed from $1800 a robot called Kondo KHR-3HV to give it some tracks in the foot by slipping the cable. The feet rest on a wire that is 4mm thick and slides while the robot is in balance with his arms.

These arms are one of the most important parts of the robot body. Have been modified to be lighter than the original model while retaining the same length. They are programmed to react with short, quick movements to information that sends a tilt sensor and if they maintain the balance of the robot at all times. Here’s the video of the First-V4, but I advise muting.

Although technically the robot walks, why not making it longer and less impressive than at any time it appears that the robot will fall. To reach this point the Doctor Guero had to prove before his younger brother, Prime-V3 which needed an area the size of your foot. Although the video look easy it is still quite impressive.

If you want to see more of Dr. Masahiko Yamaguchi can go to their website (translated version)

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