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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in PC, Tablets |

First Windows 8 leaked ads

Microsoft completely changed the concept of Windows with the new version coming out this October 26. It changed the way we interact with the system, the type of equipment that supports and, above all, the experienia. That’s why we would soon leave anunios explaining the new features of Windows 8, which have leaked .

With 4 that we have seen so far, all are based on teaching inherent features : access without password using image bar shortcut buttons (Charms), the mosaics on the Home screen (Live Tiles ), customizing them with semantic zoom and use the classic desktop. They also focus on the use that can take tablets and conventional PCs .

I think the ads make good gala features that most users will use and which are useful, but will have to see the reception they will have on the day to day between users, since in Windows 8 presentations I have made other people (who are regular users) is not over the concept should be clear of applications with Modern UI (Metro) and how the fact that the classic desktop remains in a simple mosaic in the home screen, but still allow using MatLab and AutoCAD.

Besides these two ads, filtered a third and fourth ad, but does not recommend watching all followed, I may be music all day on the head.

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