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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Video Games |

Fit Wii U expected half of 2013, will include a pedometer

Fit Wii U expected half of 2013, will include a pedometer

I imagine that the accessory that everyone what you think buying the Wii U is the Wii Fit, no? What better way to exercise than in front of the TV? For all those who expect something similar to the Wii Fit Wii original, has confirmed that the Wii Fit U will launch in the middle of next year and with something new.

Today Nintendo has delighted us with a boring and tedious video presentation of some of the developments that are expected to Wii U . After a string of games teach children very novel and has no time for Wii Fit. For this new version have called (in an exercise of originality and coherence) and seems to come to the same thing but with some improvements.

The most obvious improvement is the pedometer. Attacking the field of similar devices like the FitBit , so it has been what we carry around when I get home and will be synchronized with the Wii U showing our progress. I guess from there determine the exercise program that you’ve done and will suggest additional exercises.

Have also substantially increased the number of activities and now have a total of 77 different. Among them we aerobic, strength, some yoga, 8 different routines and a new section of dances. We will see if it is similar to Just Dance Wii. We will also have many different games and activities so you never get tired of using.

The inclusion of pedometer seems a very smart move. It’s a great way to do that with little effort (just so you have to carry around during the day) we remember the Wii Fit U to get home. At least light the console to synchronize with statistics making it difficult to fall into oblivion. Many people who bought the Wii Fit gives me the feeling that you do not use regularly and this solved the problem.

In the video is explained, from minute 11:50.

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