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Fitbit One analysis

Fitbit One analysis

In its commitment to help us lead a more active, Fitbit has launched the Fitbit One , a device which they say “monitors your health and fitness.” How can such a small device to help move more? What differences have regarding Fitbit Zip , his little brother? We will see in the following analysis.


What is it and what does it do? This is usually the most obvious question I get asked when I teach someone the Fitbit One. Immediately after coming to the second question. Is that what it is? We split. The One is a device the size of a small flash drive, very portable and fits anywhere. It can fit in your pocket, with a clip at the hip or the bra if you are female. Bluetooth connects to your computer via a small adapter and smartphones also support Bluetooth 4.0 (support Android on the way). Its battery lasts 5 to 7 days and weighs 8 grams.

What do you do? Ideally, the answer is a physical activity monitor. So that we understand, basically a powered pedometer. Its main function is to measure steps. This gives us different metrics such as steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. It also features an altimeter to determine the steps climbed.

With all this shows us another simple metric. A flower that grows or decreases according to recent activity. For example, if in the morning I just got up and I walked a short distance to work, to get the flower will be very high but as I sit at my workplace this will decrease until to go to sleep, if I done nothing else, perhaps it is too short. This gives us an overview of how active they are during the day. Works great, everything is meant to perfection and is very simple.

Fitbit One analysis image 2

Having what it is and what it does let’s see what it does. Why do I want that? The Fitbit One will help us be more active and see what we move throughout the day. By making our movement is recorded can easily know how much physical activity we do at the end of the day. This will help us to measure small targets like riding stretches that public transport did before, climbing stairs where before we caught the elevator and see how these changes are reflected in our statistics.

Here we must introduce an important nuance. We can not wait to get in shape using the Fitbit One. Activity that measures are steps and as such what more we have to do is walk or run. We help you to be more active and move more, which in itself is an achievement, but if we want to get in shape you’d better make a specific plan. Likewise, if you’re athletes, the serve for those times when we do not expect sport but its reliability is the same as that of a GPS watch. So if we do in a gym or fitness swimming. These exercises involve movement or not, or are in the water so the Fitbit One, not being submersible will not help us.


One of the great advantages of Fitbit One is its design. To me it seems very nice and most importantly, durable. Its size is very small, only has one button and the screen is very bright and clear. The only button that is going from the screens and a touch longer can initiate sleep mode. This so small and compact design, although an advantage is also a disadvantage.

Fitbit One analysis image 3

Most times we can not use the One Fitbit bareback and we have to use the clip attachment that comes with it. Although the clip is comfortable to use, and is not as ideal as the size increases considerably but still very manageable. For example, I used to play football and in any clash with rival what you get to notice how your body is stuck. The negative aspect is that the total depth up enough and goes so unnoticed. And unless you take it in the small pocket of the trousers should always use the clip.

In sleep mode its small size is its biggest advantage since you hardly notice, and no annoying vibration is noticeable. But talk about it in the corresponding section. Overall we can say that has a very sober, small, compact and durable. Hold what you throw. Blows, sweat, aggressive movement and all without or you find out it’s there.

Mobile and Web Application

The mobile application is the complement to all the activity we do with the Fitbit One In it we see the same thing in the web application and if you have an iOS device can synchronize with Bluetooth 4.0 with broadly One is enough but I see more clearly the menu used in the Android version. It offers all the basic functions like watching our statistics and can also enter information manually as the water we drink, what we eat and our weight.

Fitbit One analysis image 4

One of the major faults, apart from the lack of sync with Android devices is the lack of application for iPad. The iPad strikes me as the device on which more clearly I could spend hours looking at statistics, comparisons, etc.. But for now there is no implementation.

While the mobile version is nice to see stats and not too deep in the web version I’ve noticed that there are aspects that fail. The design is complicated at first glance and some sections do not allow you to interact with them. For example, if I’m in my panel and I want to see my stats clickar I can not sleep in them and see a weekly or monthly chart. After trying to take a long time with various sports applications and data up to them I need a cleaner design, more visual and easy. If the gains are an important part of the motivation, I put them in a small corner, do as Nike puts you in achieving full screen and reminds you how good you are.

Another issue that has not convinced me is friends. To add someone as a friend or put your email or find it on Facebook. I would also have access to Twitter and there was something a bit more social. If I have a friend added, I can encourage you, tease or send a message but I can see comparisons for days of its activity with mine.

Fitbit One analysis image 5

One of the major drawbacks is the manual input. Both the mobile and the web application can enter data manually food. They recently added the food database of Spain, which is good but not many people should keep a food diary does. There are so many foods that need refine a lot of time and the level required to keep it current is high. I’ve been unable so far as I remember always impossible.

In short, the mobile application is good, does its job and lets you view the data in a clear and summarized. The web version I think it needs a facelift and increase ease of use, making it more visual and better organized.

Sleep Meter

The meter of sleep is one of the big differences we found between Zip and One. Let’s start with how to use it. We adjust the wrist band and introduce the Fitbit One in the slot. The band is comfortable but a little too wide for my taste. Still do not mind at all. With two seconds of tapping the button will activate the sleep mode and wake’ll touch it to turn it off. The Fitbit One measured the movements we make with the arm and the graph we can see how many times we have woken up.

Fitbit One analysis image 6

This mode was one of the things that I wanted to try and I was a little disappointed. I imagined something like Sleep Tracker, which measures your sleep phase and wakes you up when it is most beneficial to you. But it seems like the Fitbit One only detects motion and assumed that we are awake, albeit an involuntary spasm. I think to be one of the big differences between the two devices falls short because the data that gives us very superficial. The alarm goes well but also awakens the exact time and not when you think will be best for you. It is something that could be very well and has been halfway.

One disadvantage is that all interaction with the device passing through a single button. It would not be a big problem if it were not no way to put the alarms without sync via Bluetooth. There are times when I had a recurring alarm that morning and another needed a different time. The device has no way to cancel the alarm or change it so that we are always dependent on a compatible phone or computer.

Fitbit One analysis image 7

Ecosystem: Fitbit vs Zip

Fitbit has 2 devices on the market that do similar functions. The Zip is the basic model and the One is the top model. Among them there are 40 € and some features of difference. Most notable are the altimeter and the dream meter silent alarm that bears the One and not the Zip. Design Differences aside, they are both beautiful in my opinion, I think the One is hard to justify if you already have the Zip. As we have seen the dream meter is fine but stays in a very superficial. And height meter works well but can also be very expendable. Account stairs (not each step but makes a measurement floors) and ramp ascent and although it is good to have the metric if I did not feel that I do not miss anything important. Another difference is that the One is with battery. At first it seems an advantage as we loaded and ready each week. But we are shortening the life of the device because here we can not change the battery when the duration of this is very short.

Fitbit One analysis image 8



In summary the Fitbit One is a very good device.’s Nice and sturdy, small and unnoticed, its battery lasts long enough and syncs wirelessly. The metrics measured are generally quite accurate and does his job well. Its great confusion and inconvenience would be little interactivity that is the Web version of our panel and surface metrics dream. Its price is also a drawback since almost € 100 strikes me as excessive, especially when for 60 € we have the Zip and the differences between them are not substantial. I think as you become popular devices such as the price drops we’ll see but for now no longer a expendable and expensive gadget. Besides its appeal down if we have friends that do not compete and price helps make it an easy to recommend to your friends.

If you do not have an interest in sport but do a little more physical activity the Fitbit One will help motivate you to do so. If you play sports and just see the point if you love collect data and analyze all your physical activity, but the difficulty of using the web application that goal will be difficult.

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