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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Five applications of photography to enhance our mobile experience

Five applications of photography to enhance our mobile experience

Today, the cell phone cameras really make us think of our compact replaced by mobile phone. In addition to getting better quality, we also offer an experience that we have in traditional cameras, through applications. So today we will offer a guide to five applications to complement our photographic experience on smartphones.


Five applications of photography to enhance our mobile experience image 2 Instagram is one of the most popular applications for and iPhone OS, but has one defect: can not access our collection of photographs from a computer. We synchronize our Instagram account with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, yet we can not access it all together in one place. Fortunately, many applications can use to remedy this.

One of the most interesting, at least for IOS, is InstaBackup. This application for Mac allows us to synchronize our Instagram account and store the images on our computer. It is very intuitive, and all you have to do is select the Backup option once we login with our account of Instagram. The application will automatically save all images on the Mac

Download: InstaBackup . U $0, 99

Photoshop Express

When it comes to computers, Photoshop is the king of photo editors. But when we are away from the computer and need to edit a photo on the go, then we need a native editor. Android, Photoshop Express offers his version, which lacks the more advanced options that have the full version of the Adobe suite, but we can make some adjustments elementary.

Some of the things we can do with our images are crop, rotate, apply effects and filters, add frames and borders, sharing through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and stored on, and make a backup of our photos in our account. As we can see, these are basic features, but have the backing of a reputable application like Photoshop.

Download: Photoshop Express . Free


Also for Android, Vignette could be considered a kind of Instagram, but with some interesting features. At this point, it is almost Instagram a social network, and after the billion dollar sale to Facebook, its popularity is natural. But if we want one a little different, this is a good option.

Some of the features Vignette differentials are the ability to use the full resolution of the camera (ie, available in the paid version only), flash, zoom, geo-location for composition guide for photographs (such as rule of thirds), and share photos through other applications.

Download Vignette . Free


Five applications of photography to enhance our mobile experience image 3 Although it is a nice addition, the iPhone’s camera sometimes leaves much to be desired. Especially in regard to the configuration of the shots. So one of the best options to really customize the way we take pictures with is Camera +, named several times as the ultimate camera app from iTunes.

With our fingers we can adjust the focus and exposure, and select modes according to the lighting that we have available, add filters such as we can Instagram, add guides, and more. The truth is that it is a very intuitive and well worth the price. As the name suggests, is really a plus to the iPhone’s camera, with features not found natively.

Download Camera + .$0, 99


Finally, the application Filterstorm is more expensive than going to mention, but it is a good way to enhance the experience on the iPhone. We could consider it almost as a suite of photography, editing options and filters.

With Filterstorm have access to basic settings of image, and not with the amount of filters you can apply in Instagram, but do have cloning tools similar to those we have in Photoshop, and the ability to edit the sound. It is also available for your iPhone, making it a good option if you have multiple devices from Apple.

Download: Filterstrom . $3, 99

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