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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Internet |

Five basic ingredients in a company website

Five basic ingredients in a company website

Being present on is essential for any company regardless of size and sector, and a website provides a communication tool that operates 24 hours a day and works for us outside the conventional schedule. Furthermore, the continued evolution of the network and the increasingly demanding preferences of users make simply having a website is not enough.

There are some basics that every corporate website should be aware that we detail below to offer your visitors a friendly and make your browsing time as pleasant as possible.

  • Design: During the first few seconds of the user in a web page, the design will remain responsible for it. For this, we offer a clean and friendly corporate identity of the company, providing visitors with a spacious environment in which the information is readily identifiable and there are no crowds of content.
  • Content: The content of a website is one of the elements that determine much of your success and not enough to offer static sections that inform the visitor about the products and services of the company. We will post new content on a regular basis as news or by writing a blog in which the user can know the company today.
  • Personality: When a potential client comes to the facilities of the company to request information and to buy your products or hire your services, interacts directly with people. On a website this interaction does not have to be different, and we offer visitors information on the team to meet the people who will be involved in your relationship as a customer. It is also good to involve as many employees as possible in the publication of news or blog articles to provide a realistic view of the production process of the company and convey how they develop their products and services as value added daily.
  • Social: On the Web 2.0 users show higher affinity for those companies and brands that can communicate easily through social networks and comments. It is essential to integrate the web page content with these social networks and enable visitors to comment on our products and services and comment on news of the company, taking responsibility to respond as a sign of transparency and customer focus.
  • Accessibility: The website of a company must be compatible with the most popular browsers on both computers and mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. To do this, we can base web development on open standards like HTML and CSS, as well as implementing a responsive design that adapts to any screen size. In addition, visitors will appreciate the availability of recurrent RSS version and the ability to email signup to be notified of updates at any time.

Although these 5 ingredients may seem obvious, the reality is that many companies do not yet have any of these features on its website that, properly managed, can be a valuable marketing tool when working for us at any time and anywhere.

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