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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Five tricks Facebook Community Manager for newbie

Five tricks Facebook Community Manager for newbie

Although many colleges and education centers are being added to the “fashion” of the Community Manager, I do not think that this profession can be learned in a classroom. Yes, there are some marketing concepts involved and we have to have even a little experience in creative writing, but the best way to learn to be a decent is through practice. There is a “book” that has the basics of how to do it because frankly is a recent work and are still refining the main points.

Social networks change all the time, adding new features to keep users always interested. Therefore, the “progress” we do not leave us this month prepared for the news that we bring or Twitter next month. Or the next “big” social network suddenly we step on the heels. What we do have to have a good nose for what are the things that users enjoy, and this one develops way: trial and error.

For those who are just starting out in the social networking world and feel a bit lost, now we will concentrate on giving a series of tricks that can make life easier for the first few months of work. As with all jobs, the Community Manager aclimatemos also requires us to circumstances and our client. For now we will focus on Facebook, since it is the one that provides us with tools and has the most hidden secrets.

Programming publications

When Facebook announced a few months ago the possibility of programming the fanpages publications, community managers around the world celebrated. For the ordinary user, does not much difference. But to lighten the CM can work significantly. This does not mean that once we scheduled the publication we can forget about the existence of the fanpage and keep doing other things. We must be well aware of the reactions that we by users.

To schedule a Facebook post, first we have to write (or paste from another file, if we did the right thing and we are planning our content ahead) and then, before hitting the publish button, click the icon the clock in the lower left corner:

Activity Log

This tool is very useful when we are not the only CM working on a fanpage, or when the customer also tends to make posts or reply comments. Besides being an important record for collaborative work, here we see all publications that are scheduled. If someone else already scheduled something we wanted to publish, you better be fixed before here.

The activity log is a very comprehensive tool in the maelstrom of everyday life can be dismissed. However, here is a compendium of all things that are happening in our fanpage: who is leaving comments on the wall (if you have it open), plus see what updates have been made to the information on the page, which and publications have been responses, photos and videos which have been published, and more. We can make a broad overview of the situation of the fanpage, not be numeric. Given this, we move to our next trick.

Facebook Insights

One of the fundamental tasks of the CM is to be always well informed of what is happening in your page. We may know what are the main topics of conversation, but we also have to have an idea of what the numbers are moving. Having a good sense of our fanpage analytics helps us better plan publications, and see what content is the most work.

The Facebook Insights can be downloaded as Excel report, something really useful but we will have to address in another installment, given that it can take multiple forms. To be informed on the day to day success of our publications, we can use the native Facebook Insights, without downloading anything. These Insights we provide detailed information on the latest publications we have done, as users interact with us, the scope of the post, and the diffusion rate. Of all these variables are mentioning, which interests us most is the scope. So we can really know what total percentage of our fans we’re getting, and how many have responded well to the proposal we gave them.

Create interesting tabs

The tabs or flanges have passed into the background since the advent of Facebook Timeline, but still an amazing option to create new ways to interact with users. Using the tabs you can create pages within Facebook using iFrame, which allows us a nearly infinite range of possibilities where we can offer games, upload videos, create additional channels of support, and more.

To create a tab just need a creative idea, a minimal knowledge of HTML and images to accompany good. If you want to do something more advanced, of course we will need the help of a provider, a designer or a programmer. But many have the custom to upgrade things ready “to go up”, meaning that we will have to take the trouble. Doing so is very simple: we fanpage settings, and select Applications in the sidebar. Here we can add a new application, through the information you have provided our supplier.

Manage your information well

Although not the same as with Google, we also need to optimize the result of our Facebook pages. A good way is to complete all fields of information. I’ve seen many pages that only get a brief description, instead of giving all the information that can be given.

To optimize our information we have to be well-rounded. We obtain this information from our client to then complete. The panel, as always, is accessed from the settings page of Facebook-this will be your new best friend.

Of course, this is very basic advice, but it never hurts to follow. Be CM is a daily activity, often does not respect working hours, so in a few weeks these things arise naturally.

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