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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Internet and Networking, Software |

Flash Mobile: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Flash Mobile: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

And finally happened what had to happen. Yesterday, August 15, Adobe Flash descontinuaba extension of Android, which Google is not available on Play . Gone is the latest mobile plugin that never worked quite right. Also left behind years of controversy and criticism of Apple, as leader of the anti-Flash. Time has shown that Steve Jobs was right again, though no longer to see it.

With this move Adobe also plans to redirect its business, the outlook for Flash on the desktop is not very flattering, and HTML5 is growing every day. From now Adobe will be organized into two divisions: Digital Media, the creation of content creation tools and the cloud, and Digital Marketing, which will provide business intelligence systems. These changes imply that Adobe will lay off 7% of its workforce, about 750 people, while claiming to make new hires to provide new property.
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But how we come to this? It was future for Flash in the pre-smartphone, Symbian and Blackberry dominated when this small segment, but then something happened. That January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, and on reaching the browser, Flash was not! instead appeared lego piece with which Safari is unknown plugins.

With this move, the late Steve Jobs advanced it almost 5 years ago, Flash was already the past, and they wanted to focus on the future: HTML5. Adobe would cost a time realizing that their golden boy (with permission of Photoshop) will fall outside the invention of the year, they even say that the iPhone web experience was incomplete due to lack of your plugin and that Apple did it all with commercial and technological reasons. Jobs himself had to intervene with that famous open letter “Thoughts on Flash” which still can be read at the site of the company.

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But Adobe stuck to his guns and focused on Android. In June 2009 presented the HTC Hero, which was touted as the first phone with Flash, although in practice, the CPU of the device was too underpowered to run more than the simplest tasks. And here we are, in 2012, 3 years later, with quad-core Android phones that are still unable to move properly Flash. We could have saved a lot of controversy if Adobe had simply ignored the now defunct visionary

“Perhaps Adobe should concentrate more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind.”

In this sense I still remember reading reviews of users of Symbian and Windows Mobile (which would later Android, maintaining the same story) saying that iPhone does not take off because I had Flash, and later saying the same about the iPad. In these cases it is said that time puts everyone in place.

Below I will try to list the ones for my reasons for the fall of Flash,

  • Is not a standard.
  • Battery consumption: this is not only typical for Flash on mobile platforms, or yes, depending if you include laptops.
  • Inherently unstable when a tab crashes your browser, what is your prime suspect?
  • Security: Flash is a big security hole, Adobe releases periodic updates, but still this only partially solves the problem.
  • Do not touch: we all know that Flash was an immigrant from the world of the pointer in the new world touch.
  • Technologically obsolete: why were going to use Flash when HTML5 can do the same without any of the above problems?

Finally, as an Internet user, and enthusiast site, not hide my preference for HTML5. Hopefully the disappearance of Flash on mobile devices is no more than the advance of its final disappearance of the web in general.

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