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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Internet |

Flickr also add filters to their iOS app

Flickr also add filters to their iOS app

In my opinion, one of the big players in this year 2012 we are about to end is, undoubtedly, Instagram since, besides having been bought by Facebook has made to other services that have opted to include to their applications to take and share photos. Facebook launched Facebook Camera (competing with itself) on Monday launched its filters Twitter and, today, is that Yahoo! wanted to increase the capabilities of Flickr, star one of its services, adding filters IOS his client .

Yes, in an unexpected move, the new Yahoo! captained by Marissa Mayer has decided to extend the functionality of Flickr (in my opinion one of the great values of the company in terms of products is concerned) and, following the new strategy focus on mobility, the company has decided to stand as an alternative to Instagram and offer users the ability to apply filters to your photos before sharing via Flickr.

For now, this change is only available in the iOS client, of course, we can download from the App Store and which also will appreciate a substantial change in the design of the application interface (much more careful as happened yesterday with the launch of the new Yahoo! Mail ). is one of the key services of Yahoo! users regarding assets and, given this fact, it was a pity that the application carry a year without updating iOS (although the activity of other services and their constant updates and improvements).

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Mobile First is the new strategy in Yahoo! Mayer and, frankly, this new version of Flickr for iOS perfectly fulfills this premise. There are 16 available filters in the application that will offer users a wide range of options to give a vintage touch to your photos before sharing them via Twitter (another advantage to Flickr if possible because the integration is kept), Facebook or even through email along with the ability to interact with groups (which until now were only available in the web version) are expected to give new impetus to the service.

Seeing these changes, the mail service, and Flickr, so close together seems clear that we are witnessing the birth of a new Yahoo! as a relaunch of its service portfolio, now remains to be seen whether they are having the desired effect among users.

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