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Flickr Pro gives service for 3 months

Flickr Pro gives service for 3 months

Flickr is one of the star of Yahoo! services, not to say it is one of their weight values. This photo hosting service has been a favorite of users though, today, we can share our photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Yahoo! is ready to revitalize the service and has recently renewed its application for iOS adding filters and advantage that users are quite angry with policy changes (although the service has been reversed) seems to position itself as receiver of these disgruntled users. How to capture users? With an offer that is hard to refuse: Flickr Pro gives service for 3 months .

has just launched this offer with which we can get on “Pro Account” our account with the service, simply by accessing the page Holiday Gift that has been enabled for this purpose. The idea is simple, enter the page and accept ourselves up for the 3 months given away and that, if accepted, will allow us to upload unlimited images (with photos of up to 50 MB), removal of restrictions on the size of our gallery of images (compared with 200 photos free account), post photos up to 60 groups, unloaded the photos in the original size in the climb and upload videos in HD.

This offer is part of a Christmas campaign that launched Flickr suppose to encourage the use of the platform and, after these three months, we can renew (to keep the Pro account) or let expire and re-let our account Basic (knowing that the images remain stored on Flickr but will not be available for viewing or download).

The offer of three months free Flickr Pro comes at a very interesting time, especially when there are many users who are leaving Instagram (by his clumsy movements of recent days) and have once again look at Flickr.

Flickr Pro gives service for 3 months image 2

Indeed, if we want to take our entire collection of Flickr images posted on Instagram can do it easily using a web service called Free the Photos that will handle the migration of a mere simple and fast. All you have to do is validarnos our Instagram account with the Flickr and will pilot the transfer of images.

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