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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Software |

Flipboard reaches Android tablets

Flipboard reaches Android tablets

After a long wait, Flipboard is available for tablets . The application, which was initially only compatible with the iPad, had already arrived while the iPhone and phones running the Google operating system . However, so far the experience was not optimized for Android devices with a larger screen.

Therefore, users of terminals whenever they get a larger market share, such as Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, 10 or Nexus Galaxy Note 10.1 (among many others), Flipboard can now enjoy on their computers and not have to recourse to version ‘reduced’.

And the truth is that the reception on Google Play since is available for Android has been pretty positive, at least according to the comments they write in the app store those who have already downloaded the app. Overall, the reviews are pretty good (although there are exceptions, of course) and users appreciate the ability to use the program in their tablets.

Meanwhile, the company is happy with its launch shows, especially the fact that it has arrived just in time to be used by those who are on vacation (and, we imagine, will also be happy to know that can be installed in all new handsets acquired these dates).

Like the version for smartphones, tablets edition of Flipboard for Android was made for a specific display format, so that common functions include, but are adapted to a variety of sizes and different aspects. Thus, for example, users 10 inch tablets can see more application icons.

On the other hand, those who already utilizasen Flipboard on Android terminals 7 or more inches before the release of the new version will only have to update the application to access the new streamlined experience, with four pages of sections. “If you’ve been using Flipboard on a 7-inch device as Kindle Fire, Nook or Nexus 7, now you have a version just for you.”

Download Flipboard for Android tablets .

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