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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Apple |

FloJack adds support for NFC to iOS devices

FloJack adds support for NFC to iOS devices

FloJack is a device that connects to our iPhone , iPod Touch or iPad and to provide NFC support for these devices. After seeing how the new devices Apple did not incorporate support, thanks to FloJack now have the opportunity to not remain on the sidelines of the advantages of this technology.

FloJack is a reader / writer for NFC the size of a key chain that connects the 3.5mm of our device. Once connected, thanks to a specific app, our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can read or write NFC tags. Behind this project find Richard Grundy, John Bullard, Tim Ronan and Fernando Cejas, who together form Flomio , company developing the FloJack since August 2011. The current design is 2,000 times smaller than the original and measured 58.3x43x10.3 mm. It weighs 28 grams and has a back cover that allows changing the carrying 3V.

The FloJack is very efficient in energy consumption as only wastes energy when connected and in communication with applications. If not, go to sleep, which estimates that its battery can last a year with normal use. With FloJack be made available to developers kit to add support NFC couple different iOS applications.

To put the FloJack available to the general public at an affordable price and enter production phase, begun in Flomio Kickstarter campaign where for $ 39 you could buy a five FloJack Tags. Today already sold all slots to provide $ 39 so if you want to participate will have to contribute $ 10 more. It is expected that if the project can be financed the first units shipped in March 2013, and if the Kickstarter campaign a success would not put the FloJack on sale for $ 120.

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