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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Software |

Flow in beta SwiftKey helps us write very fast

SwiftKey is, without doubt, the best keyboard I’ve tried for a device with Android OS, and I say this based on having tried many of them and in different terminals, always ending with the option that convinces me and pleased: X. But this predictive keyboard is about to have a big change and renewal, which will be renamed SwiftKey Flow and today, has entered beta phase for many of us to try.

The wonder of SwiftKey is its amazing ability to predict what the user wants to say, better than any other intelligent keyboard. You only need a few hours to get used to your writing and the words you use frequently to allow you to save a lot of time to write and wrong and having to constantly clear and correct words, a common problem when trying to write on touch screens.

Flow SwiftKey keyboard brings this function to write by sliding your finger over the virtual keys, ie style popular Swype keyboard and the new function that incorporates the Jelly Bean keyboard. However, although not a new role in the world of Android devices, taking into account that this is SwiftKey, we can be sure it will work in a spectacular way.

In the video that accompanies this article we give a little demonstration of how the new version, called “Flow”, and it is amazing how predicts words as complicated as “archeology” or “zoology” by simply swiping your finger on one of the fastest keys included in the word.

For now it is not known when will this great update to the store Google Play Store, but those responsible for it have enabled a public beta and anyone can access the form to choose to try this keyboard before it is available to the rest of the public . Do not hesitate to do so, and tell us what you think of the experience with the new SwyftKey Flow.

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