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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Curiosities |

FlyViz, a device that provides 360-degree view

FlyViz, a device that provides 360-degree view

The idea to see what happens in our back has always been a desire and a need often, because if we are at risk could be very beneficial to us. For this, a team of French researchers has developed FlyViz , a device that allows you to view a whole screen image equivalent to 360 degrees panoramic view.

Although the picture looks a bit bulky model the fact is that it is only a prototype and we have to wait and see how technology evolves. Who knows if in the future is achieved anything like the Smart Glasses of Vuxiz . The highlight is the camera, which is the result of two years of research by investigators. This captures video at a resolution of 640×480 pixels, but the idea is to increase the resolution to 1280 X 720 progressive and 60Hz refresh rate. It also aims to bring to 83ms latency so there is no difference between the catch and the seen and the person can move with complete fluency.

The entire assembly is assembled to a helmet and a Sony HMZ-TD Personal 3D Viewer and camera image is processed on a laptop that is carried in a backpack. You see the result in two 0.7-inch screens that are very close to their eyes. On the screen you can see through what is in front and to the sides behind what we would see.

The creators of FlyViz feature that takes some getting used to it, especially to move, interact with the environment and understand and process the space we see. One of the biggest challenges is moving trusting what we see on screen, but the evidence shows that it is possible to get used to it and have someone driving test with FlyViz and have had no problems.

As for the possible uses, its creators see little tour as a device for the military, police or firefighters, professions with risk situations where having more field of view is a great advantage. Also think about adding in order to have more information.

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