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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Mobile, Social Networks |

Following Twitter users without having an account on the service

Following Twitter users without having an account on the service

is one of the most Internet services use today, and one of my favorites. It is a social network, but it is much more than that. It is a place to be aware of what is happening today, and when I say now I mean at this very moment.

For example, lately there has been talk that influence much of what services like this when spontaneously summon citizens to events, demonstrations … It seems that this is a really social service, where we can find from joke or stupid comments to journalism of the highest standard. In fact, I think Twitter is the ideal service to communicate clearly and concisely the events that are happening around the journalist, someone with whom we can identify now because we ourselves may be them, always leave their profession.

The problem with Twitter is that maybe the learning curve is more pronounced than that of other services, and it’s not for lack of simplicity-the end of the service is used to send only 140 characters-but his concept and his unique condition.

From here I invite anyone who has not tried it or not have felt comfortable doing so, to discover or rediscover it, and it is now easier than ever as there are tools that allow us to take our first steps and even follow certain people without even creating an account.

Called TweetReader , and unfortunately currently only available for Windows Phone, but that does not detract stop and call it a great idea.

There is some controversy, because some strikeout as a tool for stalkers to follow people without them realizing it, and although it is true that this can be done, we can do on Twitter itself, aunuqe to keep you on a list or in our timeline we must first have one, and for that we must have an account.

The real power is in providing a similar service to that provided by the social network, but only for reading. We can not interact with anyone, not even post tweets. It is therefore a tool to enjoy the content of others.

Follow a trending topic (topics most spoken) or any person, provided that this does not have their messages protected, is now available to someone who does not even have an account.

How is it used? Very easily. To populate the TimeLine, simply use the Following button, and search for the user or users you want to follow. An interesting option is the suggestion, we help you find other users based on those already follow.

TweetReader course is free, by the way.

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