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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet, Security, Technology |

Former member of NSA uncovers U.S. has spied on its citizens for decades

Former member of NSA uncovers U.S. has spied on its citizens for decades

Now that is on the lips of everyone in espionage networks and telephone interceptions that WikiLeaks has uncovered TrapWire network, former official of the National Security Agency in the United States (NSA) William Binney, claims to have left the agency after increasing harassment and on citizens since the arrival of Obama to the presidency. He claims that the government now owns nearly all the copies of emails sent and received in the United States .

A surveillance inside the country that opened since increased intercept millions of calls, emails and all kinds of messaging among citizens.

Binney is considered one of the best mathematicians and codebreakers in the history of the NSA. He explained in an interview with Democracy Now who left the agency in late 2001, after seeing how his anti-terrorist plan following the attacks of 11-S served as an excuse to launch a program of data collection citizens.

Among the companies that participated in this opening monitoring system ensures that AT&T is, having given the government more than 320 million records of communications (citizen to citizen) in the interior.

A program led by the man who in his words, “never created for home use”, something that has not prevented finally got underway for the population for more than a decade.

How does it work? Binney As explained, once a transmission is intercepted, profiles are constructed each person referred therein. A plan that is to join the current building by the of a data storage center in Utah, the largest built to date (more than Google or Apple). To give us an idea, man indicates that the installation will be able to store 100 years of electronic communications in the world.

Some words, William Binney, who come to put even more doubt on whether the world in which we live is being watched by a “big brother” that most have no knowledge of it.

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