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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Windows |

Fotor, filters and effects in a native app for Windows 8

Fotor, filters and effects in a native app for Windows 8

is an application-or rather, most important social networks today. Through it we can instantly share photos directly from the lens of our camera, that we carry everywhere and that is integrated on our mobile device. Although it is not at all the most important of it, one of the things that drive people to use is the ability to apply quick filters, which give a personal touch to our catch and make us feel more or lower part artists.

Your boom is a fact for months, and companies Isntagram seemingly different, they should not compete with it in this sense, like Twitter, have taken their own service filters, although I did not open this text to speak of Twitter , but Fotor , a native application for tweak that allows our snapshots adding and directly from the Metro interface of Microsoft’s new system.

is an old acquaintance, and an application that already came out in Android and iOS. His version of Apple’s operating system has become a publisher quite complete, but perhaps the secret of the app for Windows 8 is its simplicity. Basically we can do the following:

  • Perform basic editing
  • Tilt-shift effect
  • Improving one-touch
  • Apply additional effects

One of the most interesting is the “improved one-touch”, which opens an editor from which you can adjust settings such as brightness, contrast or saturation sliding your fingers on the screen, you can also rotate the image or change other levels.

Regarding the variety of effects, that is not much, but it does, and focuses especially tinted snapshots with certain tones. Apply each of the filters is as simple as clicking on them in the drop down list of your section. With respect to the edges, we have before us something like Instagram, though of course not bound to each of the effects. It is very easy to apply such an edge that simulates the photographic film, a television screen or one that simulates old that our photography is a postage stamp.

Once we’re done we can save imagnes in jpg, png, bmp or tiff, and what is missing is the ability to share files directly in different social networks, something that no doubt will be available in future versions of Fotor.

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