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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Internet |

Foursquare also modifies the terms of service

Foursquare also modifies the terms of service

One of the issues that often generate considerable controversy are changes in the conditions under which the services are provided through Internet use and, among other things, regulate what treatment by companies to our personal data and data generated while using the service. Earlier this year Google unifying privacy policies and announced that it would conduct a unified treatment of data enabling the exchange of information between services and, a few weeks ago, Instagram announced the exchange of information with Facebook with consequent annoyance to users point of having to turn back . The latest addition to these changes in ToS was Foursquare that, as of January 28, 2013, will begin to show the full name of the users among other changes.

Until now, when we perform a check-in on Foursquare, the trail left in place is our name and our last name initial, in fact, when we review the tips from other users or want to see who is the “mayor” the place we see precisely this information. However, as of January 28, 2013, our name will be displayed and therefore we will see the names of users who leave tips or who hold the mayor of the place in which we do check-in.

And what does this change? In my opinion it is a minor change, and if someone does not like too always have the option to edit your profile and control what is displayed in the field names, it seems this change has behind it requests from businesses that use such active as well, will know their customers better. In fact, another change of the service also has a direct projection in business since, to date, these could only see check-ins made in the last 3 hours and the name of the mayor who held but when entering effect these changes, the visibility of check-ins will be made larger.

Do not think you have to tear their garments with the changes and have provided Foursquare and logically with its translation to the new terms of service . While the service has not specified how the information will provide business managers, this change is intended to provide more information about their visitors with which, for example, to offer better deals in order to run customer loyalty or reward loyalty.

Although originally Foursquare backdrop had a game where recopil√ɬ°bamos points and competed with our friends, really, is a platform to promote businesses that, little by little, it has become a “reference guide” in which we find deals where opinions or recommendations of users have weight and can affect both positively and negatively when someone chooses to visit a local.

Considering how are things down after threats of changes in Instagram, Foursquare publicity should be given to adequately explain these changes and to be easily understood by users because, really, do not involve loss of control of our personal data but, simply, can result in an improvement of the contents found in the service.

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