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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in News |

Foxconn starts to replace workers by robots

Foxconn starts to replace workers by robots

We all Foxconn sounds as one of the largest manufacturers of Apple. Well, the CEO of the company, Terry Gou, has announced plans to install one million robots thus achieving a more automated production processes.

Thus, the manufacturer would be able to replace jobs thereby saving in personnel expenses. Gradually, automatic processes are introduced in the areas of manufacturing. Technology changes at a rapid pace and, in fact, for certain tasks some machines are far more accurate than a person.

In The Wall Street Journal has quoted an employee known as Zhang who has recounted his experience. Working in the company for two years in the assembly area. However, recently I went to him and others to other jobs because they had begun to introduce robots to connect components to motherboards. The employee says that of the 30 people who had before now there are only five that deal with monitoring and controlling the robots.

In June this year, Terry Gou said he wanted to get rid of positions requiring a highly repetitive tasks. Furthermore, note that is a challenge to get fully automated plants in a range between 5 and 10 years counting from now. In fact, we reported last summer that aimed to reach the million robots . As a result, many people lose their jobs as the company now employs up to 1.2 million people.

This maneuver will require quite an investment of capital as they are to acquire the best robots in the world right now in the industry. CEO himself also notes that because the robots can achieve more sophisticated and also may for hazardous work to avoid unnecessary risks.

Besides the implementation of robots, Tim Cook announced just days ago that Apple will transfer part of its production to the United States , as before. This allows you to look more closely at its assembly and perhaps stop receiving much criticism for working conditions to which they are subjected Foxconn employees.

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