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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Internet, Present |

France threatens Google with a tax link to news content

France threatens Google with a tax link to news content

The meeting that took a few hours ago CEO and French President Hollande seems not to have borne fruit. Failure to reach an agreement in the coming months, France adopt a law that would force Google to pay for the “right” to cite newspaper articles online. This will join other countries such as and Brazil, who seek a consensus to share advertising revenue with the giant.

A long dispute which keeps Google in with the news editors of the country, as in Germany, under the threat of a law that would break the very nature of the company with its search engine.

The meeting took place at the Elysee Palace, and it was seeking a solution to a problem that seems intractable. Hollande weeks ago explained that failure to reach agreement by 2013, France would be forced to new legislation. Minutes after the meeting concluded, Hollande explained in a statement that:

Dialogue and negotiations between the parties seem to be the best option, but if finally needed a law, carry out to stop this business.

At this time Google has declined to make any comment on the position of Hollande, a statement that sounds as mentioned ultimatum and mark a line initiated by other countries, where publishers face Google and the company is resisting the idea of sharing advertising revenue with content providers.

On October 18 Google even said that to carry out the law in France that would force him to pay for bond, he would have to exclude the country of his daily search engine. A document that was sent to several government ministers where the giant French explained that:

We can not accept the creation of a law that could threaten our very existence, and as a result we would have to exclude any links to French sites. It’s no secret that we clarify that a law such as those in France and Germany offer would be very detrimental to the network. We’ve said it continuously for the last three years.

And is that Germany was the promoter of this idea which has joined France. With the support of the entire German press, the country’s parliament approved the law probably Google in February 2013, a tax which would be a right where Google is obliged to share advertising revenue with the media linked.

The editors call it “right neighborhood”, a simple idea but which defends controversial when netizens write a word in the search box, most of the results come from the press. This “review” of the media should be paid by Google for accordingly. In addition, the country believes it could be a solution to the media crisis, blamed in part to new technologies and the advent of the Internet and low return on investment in the transfer from paper to digital.

In 2013 and did not reach an agreement, Google could be seen as two draft laws threaten their business into two strategic points of Europe, Germany and France. One idea promoted by media publishers to which other countries could join in the coming months.

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