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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Friendsheet, your Facebook photos Pinterest style

Friendsheet, your Facebook photos Pinterest style

There are many things that attract me on Facebook, and in particular there is one I dislike above all others: the way in which stories are displayed on the home page. If we have many contacts and also, we have set up some lists of interest, locate among many publications can be tricky. On the other hand we find Pinterest, a social network much newer and more interesting too simply, that has revolutionized, and delighted millions, largely thanks to the particular interface.

Now, is there a possibility of the chaotic Facebook, appearance grid and organized, the answer is yes. All thanks to Friendsheet , a fantastic application that will allow us to enjoy Facebook in a different way.

To use Friendsheet obviously we connect to our account and authorize application access to some of our data, which really are not many and only those needed. In summary, the application needs access to:

  • Your photos
  • Shared photos with you
  • Post your name (photo sharing)
  • Access publications in your news section

After authorizing the application, it automatically generates a page with the recent publications of your Facebook stream, but with the appearance and function Pinterest infinite scroll included. At this point it is worth noting that only take into account those publications that contain images or links, while status updates with just text will be excluded.

But things do not end here. is much more than a “pretty face”, because it has some interesting additional features, among which are:

  • Filter the photos in several ways, for example, outstanding photos, only photos of your friends, photos that show up and only your albums.
  • We can also search by user name, to display only photos of those people. A very attractive option … especially if you bring a stalker inside.
  • Ability to upload photos from your hard drive.

Under each picture we see its description, the comments received and the typical options I like and Sharing. Similarly, clicking on an image we can see it in full size in a lightbox, in a way very similar to that found in Facebook itself.

Within the settings of the application can choose to hide comments and descriptions of the photographs, as well as we can opt out of our timeline publications from the pages of which we are fans.

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