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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Internet |

G Links, an extension to get more search engine Google

G Links, an extension to get more search engine Google

Nobody can deny that the search engine is one of the most powerful we can find in the market and, in fact, is the most used search engine users worldwide. The wide range of possibilities it offers is one of its great strengths, which we discussed occasionally to discuss the various search options and resources offered (and not everyone knows it’s there). When we did a Google search, for each outcome we can find some additional options that allow us to see the cached page finder (useful if the website is down), find similar pages or get more information on a particular website, functions that can be useful even if we are using the search.

With the idea of always having these features (using the Google cache, similar pages search, get a list of pages that link to you are visiting or more results of the website you are visiting) without having to go to search we can use an extension for called G Links .

This extension, which incidentally is also available for Firefox users , adds the Google Chrome menu (which appears when you click the right mouse button) a new section, called G Links, which are four functions linked to new search. The idea is that if we are visiting a website if u need to find out more details, we can perform this task without changing pages.

And what an extension can serve well? From my point of view, to get a list of pages that we link is an interesting fact to locate websites that perhaps did not know that, however, consume our content and share them with other users. In this way, we can always expand our knowledge about a particular subject or a particular page in a very convenient way.

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