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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Software, Video Games |

Gabe Newell: Steam will come to Linux, Windows 8 is a disaster

Gabe Newell: Steam will come to Linux, Windows 8 is a disaster

The great and controversial Gabe Newell, co-founder of developer Valve, has become a liar in public statements. The genius – among others – after the Half Life series has cataloged the new Microsoft operating system as a “catastrophe” that could cause some developers end up abandoning the platform. Newell thinks of a market beyond Windows and aims to develop the best solution for this.

At an event in Seattle, Valve CEO commented about one of the main anchors that keep Linux systems behind Microsoft in the commercial market is the lack of support in games, as these bring the masses to When purchasing a new computer or upgrade the software support for your machine to a new version. Finally, after years of ignoring the base GNU/Linux, wants to make easy the task of carrying the approximately 2,500 sets of the platform to the Linux operating system to escape the oppressive yoke of Microsoft.

In his own words, Windows 8 is a disaster for everyone in the PC market, and possibly leading to some of the best known builders out of business. Newell fears that profit margins are not severely affected for many people, and think of Linux as an alternative to fight against that. Metro’s new interface, a clear evolution with respect to the traditional desktop is too focused on the use of touch technologies, and implementation of applications optimized for this environment could be giving a problem to developers, which also would be very happy with the new way to get applications that Microsoft has set its new operating system.

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Surprisingly, the leader of one of the leading companies in the PC gaming scene, believes that the developments that currently govern the progress of the industry as touch screens, are just a fad, which is curious. Instead, Gabe commitment wristbands “computerized” to interact with computers in the future.

“The mouse and keyboard were stable for 25 years, but I think that touch interfaces will be stable for 10. The “post-touch” will be stable for a really long, over 25 years “

The “cracked” Newell goes further, and also charged against the voice interaction systems, saying that in his opinion is unlikely to be imposed at some point how annoying it would be “a person sitting next to you” talking constantly to your computer. On the contrary, believes that the wristbands “smart” if they became a hit to be a versatile garment that everyone could take without being showy.

The arrival of Steam to Linux is closer every day, and by the statements of the artist without mincing words but with very little evidence in their opinions, seems to enjoy full support from Valve, and by extension, the companies that publish their titles through the online system for PC. Support for Linux seems a logical step for Valve and Steam, although thus load against which Steam has been home for years is a bit rough, otherwise commonplace in this myth of gaming.

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