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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Science, Technology |

Galaxies are two “twin” to the Milky Way

This was announced by an international team of astronomers made by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The discovery of two groups of Galaxies like the are in the nearby universe.

A milestone when you consider that until now there was no knowledge that may exist, in part because the man had only been able to compare the Milky Way with nearby galaxies.

According to Aaron Robotham, one of the lead authors of the study:

Never before have we found another set of galaxies like the Milky Way, which is not surprising considering how difficult it is to see. Only now, thanks to an innovative type of analysis we can find similar groups.

The reason is that good enough telescopes needed to detect not only galaxies, but their weaker companions and the observation of large sections of the sky.

And is that even with sophisticated simulations of how galaxies form not produced many example similar to the Milky Way and beyond. For this reason it is a rare event, so you have two exact matches between the hundreds of thousands of galaxies studied.

According to researcher:

We found 3% of galaxies similar to the Milky Way that had as companion galaxies Magellanic Cloud, a rarity. In total we found 14 systems of galaxies similar to our own, two of them with an almost exact match. Are rare but when they are near a galaxy like our own.

As explained in his research, the Milky Way is engaged in a complex “cosmic dance”, a composition comprising his close companions like LMC or Large turn visible in the night sky of the southern hemisphere.

A study will now be analyzed and studied from the telescopes of New South Wales and Chile. Galaxies Two “twin” to the Milky Way.

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