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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Present |

Garzon: “If they enter the Embassy would break international law”

A good number of people have their eyes on London and more specifically in Ecuador’s diplomatic mission in the United Kingdom, where they found Julian Assange , the founder of , since I came to ask for political asylum that has been granted . The granting of political asylum could create a major diplomatic conflict between and the United Kingdom since the latter has advanced Assange not let go free the country and is rumored plans to assault Embassy of Ecuador (which is legally recognized as Ecuadorian soil) . In this situation, much of the attention has been focused on Baltasar Garzon that since late July, is in charge of the defense of and WikiLeaks and has made brief statements to Spain’s Cadena Ser .

The situation of “police roadblock” that has been submitted to the Embassy of Ecuador draws much attention, especially when it is rumored that there are plans to assault and that Britain will not allow Assange “escape” of the country. Baltasar Garzon, precisely, has qualified this “flight” which blames the United Kingdom indicating that Assange is not going to escape and they do not understand such a mobilization of troops for the granting of political asylum in the forced to grant a permit and facilitate the transfer of Assange to Ecuador:

From the point of view of defense, we understand that the only obligations under applicable international law must meet is to provide a safe conduct and facilitate the departure of Mr. Assange to Ecuador. That is what we believe and that’s what we’re going to defend and demand, and if not, start a legal career can be difficult to decide the claim in The Hague

According to Garzon told the Cadena Ser, the granting of political asylum has been duly communicated to British Embassy in Ecuador, where the accompanying documentation setting out the reasons that you have found Ecuador to give this status to Assange and recognize that it stems from a chase political.

On the threat from United Kingdom to enter the Embassy “to assault” under a national law allows, Garzon said that Britain should be dispensed to the Embassy of Ecuador, for consistency, the same way as they ask for their own diplomatic missions:

I dare not think I could do, it would violate international law and its own record of support that they requested and were granted in the Security Council of United Nations on November 29, 2011, when its embassy in Iran was invaded, there established the absolute inviolability of embassies

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