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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Multimedia, Windows |

Generating HTML galleries from your image folders

Generating HTML galleries from your image folders

Not long ago, when there was not yet entirely popularized the use of personal computers for entertainment and only a few were using in the latter sense, visualize an image file could be complicated input. The operating system might not include the tools needed for consumption, depending on the extent, and that’s when they began to spread the image viewers, both in the old MS-DOS in the subsequent Windows and other systems of the time.

Windows, for example, including the ability to preview images natively, something no one he missed because he still had not spread and also load multiple in memory could be a long time waiting, or even slowing system. Today, all operating systems have a user view or thumbnails of slides that can be very useful for previewing images or to consume directly, in addition to with which we are looking.

What do I say when I say that this view can be “captured” to create reports in HTML? Yes, and can be done by JoJoThumb .

JoJoThumb to create from most popular formats, including RAW extracted directly from the cameras. Its use is simple, yet its many options can have you several minutes adjusting properties such as text alignment or options file. All are arranged in a tree structure, so it is not difficult to follow. Once everything is to your liking, simply press the Start button.

By the way, when I say I really mean slide photo galleries full of pure HTML, since the application not only generates the index with the thumbs, but for each photo pages based photo viewer, to enjoy the images without leaving Browser.

To download it you only have to go to the official website , where you will find an application that works even in Windows 8, where we have personally tested.

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