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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Science |

Genetically modified bacteria to create fuel

Genetically modified bacteria to create fuel

This is precisely what we have got a group of researchers. The manipulation of genes from the bacterium called Ralstonia eutropha to get create isobutanol , a type of alcohol that can be mixed or replace gasoline.

Christopher Brigham, lead author of the research, explains some of the features of what has been achieved in the laboratory:

When the stops growing use all their energy to make complex carbon compounds. In its natural state, when the source of essential nutrients is restricted and limited resources detected, enters a sort of “carbon storage mode” for later use.

Brigham said that what is really taking Ralstonia eutropha any available carbon and store it in the form of polymer, which in turn is similar in its properties to many petroleum-based plastics.

Then researchers spend to cancel a few genes and insert the gene from another organism, getting redirect the natural ability of the bacteria to produce instead of plastic. According Brigham:

Tried the body of bacteria to use a current of carbon dioxide as a carbon source so as to produce fuel. The device has shown that, in continuous culture, can obtain large amounts of isobutanol.

Now researchers aiming system optimization to increase the speed of production and the design of bioreactors for scaling the process to industrial levels.

And is that the researchers based the study on trying to get the bacteria utilize CO2 as a carbon source. Not only that, it is noted that with slight modifications could even modify and convert almost any carbon source in a fuel efficient.

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