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Geolocation: 5 uses really useful

Geolocation: 5 uses really useful

The location is one of those concepts that became fashionable for some time: the technology that virtually any application made to have a new way to search the place where we were one day and although we do not know quite what to do with it, is one of those characteristics that are always mentioned in any new app we tested.

But after this time, what we’re serving something be permanently geolocated? What do we use this technology? There are many services that have changed our lives but we must also recognize that there are ways that we take this information before or we imagined. If you feel you are not using services’re probably missing out on a lot of things you can do just to mark the places where you go or use these signals to let other people.

Guide for travel sites

Travelers are who first discovered the terrible utility of the recommendations from other users, such as TripAdvisor, when one is in a distant country. To lead a mobile guide of where we eat, we have the accommodations available in certain city and places where we could connect to the internet for example, is not just for planning a trip, but when we get there probably our best route Interactive and save us much time. It will also share with future travelers.

Still, no need to go away, often when we are in another part of our city can be interesting to know what business we close. For this type of information have served much the comments of other users, such as Tips, with which before entering a business or restaurant, we can read the comments that have been left on it.

Historic sites have been

Having a record of sites where we have been not only serves as a reminder to what places we want to return (or not) but also the characteristics of those sites to better plan when to meet with other people, whether for leisure or meetings. On the other hand, having a geographic display of where we have been we can better plan our trips and nearby areas to explore. Many services allow you to do this, from the mythical Foursquare, although each has different characteristics.

Facebook keeps track of the places you geolocalizas your posts. It may be open to public or private view for you, as you have configured. You have to go to Activity Log on your home, and there select from a menu at the top right: Publications with location. They will show your activities and where were you at a certain date. You can attach photos or texts to those locations, and have the option to keep it private so there you have a very practical way to go now and notes recording the places you keep.

Google+ joined Latitude, checkins service of Google, so if you enter your location history can enable a record of places. This service is best for viewing on a large scale because there Google will also show you one of their (map view or satellite) all the places you’ve been, with dates and ability to view up to the last 30 days.

Foursquare does not have a quick way to see on a map all the places where you’ve been but there is a fairly simple way of putting all the places you did with Foursquare checkin on a Google map. You go to the Foursquare feeds page, copy the KML feed and paste it into a search box on Google Maps. Watch this link because if someone has accessed your checkins not only private, but they do checkins future.

Places based reminders

A practical programs that have incorporated some reminders of tasks are warning you of something you have to do, not on a specific day or time but when they sense that you are in a place set for you. Depending on your daily routine that is very useful because it saves the time with reminders that jump when nothing we can do about not being in the right place and so we have to take back the annoying fix, otherwise we lose the job without having finished.

The best known is Reminders app (Reminders) for iPhone, but there are also options for other operating systems, such as Reminder Place or Location Alert for Android.

A good idea is not limited to use for the typical “home / office”, but think of things we do not necessarily like a deadline but because we went through that place, for example, to make such a monument picture (in a park ), or ask if they receive such a magazine (in a library), or go to greet a friend who works at that site.

Recommended places Agenda

Who would not want to be happened for a work meeting, friends or a romantic evening and not knowing where, even though we have recommended thousands? What happens is that we have to find a good way to save on the time we spent there, where we go or to appear on the map when we are near the area. To create lists of sites or places, Foursquare has created its function lists , by means of which we can not only create their own “wishlists” or wish lists restaurants where we eat or cafes with wi-fi but we may join the other.

11870 is a Spanish service with a very active community that takes care of adding new recommendations and write reviews with pictures of the sites. There can be keeping places, whether you’ve been marked as you want them to use them when you want to go, and the recommendations appear that your friends have done if you want. There is also a convenient way to find them using a map, and very important is the fact that now you can checkin sites where you going. The mobile app has a handy feature called Agenda where the sites are saved to save, so you can keep on hand very quickly.

Discover and compare places

We talked about various services for recommendations: 11870 if you are in Spain, Google+ or recommendations in the Google search engine when looking for a site, and also known Yelp. However, many times it is only really useful in a search query multiple service but for the same place, because we can certainly get a better idea of where we’re going, or perhaps a service we see pictures and other no, or a better app tells us directions (eg Google) and other shows pictures of the card (as often happens with 11870).

In addition to Foursquare and we have mentioned, there are thousands of to find sites that have location information, with which we can discover places around us: AroundMe, LocalEats, TripAdvisor, local applications in major cities to find taxis (in Madrid and Cabify eTaxi eg) or Wi-Fi to track when you’re away from home as the area in which you, as Free Wi-Fi Finder .

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