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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet |

Germany: void Facebook ordain requirement to use real names

Germany: void Facebook ordain requirement to use real names

This has put the data protection agency in Schleswig-Holstein. An order requiring to end its policy to force users to use real names . The reason: the standard Facebook chocha with German laws, which give right to any citizen to use pseudonyms on the Internet.

A decree that society demands that Facebook does not deny anonymous or false names in the social network. In the letter, Facebook provides combat decree as it ensures that its policy about names eligible European data protection.

Thilo Weichert, head of the office of Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein, explained the reason for the request:

For us it is unacceptable that a site like Facebook, U.S., German law violates data protection unopposed and no prospect of an end. We believe that the ability to use a pseudonym on Facebook is reasonable and would allow people to use the service without fear of unpleasant consequences.

We believe that the policies of the social network, requiring users to use their real names do nothing to prevent other users from using the service to hurl insults or hinder identity theft.

And is that is considered one of the countries that fight for user Privacy on the net. The action taken from Schleswig-Holstein to Facebook tests in the country. If successful the decision is likely to be adopted by other data protection agencies in Germany.

Facebook has two weeks to oppose the decree before a German court. A decree that the company plans to fight Zukerberg.

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