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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Getting Pocket with IFTTT

IFTTT, better known as If This, Then That allows us to automate a variety of tasks to spend less time and be more productive . Many times we have told some of the “recipes” that we like and today we are going to combine with a handy tool called Pocket. We also talked about previously-Pocket few days ago I told you about their best uses labor , and Marilyn made a further comparative between Pocket, Instapaper and Readability IFTTT-but we have two tools that are enhanced to the extreme.

In case you did not know, runs “recipes”, ie simple rules that can be applied to various internet services. Google, Dropbox, and more, are some of those that can “automate” using this service, you basically say “if this happens, I want you to do this one.” It’s a great idea, and is performed brilliantly. Unfortunately recently lost support due to changes in the Twitter API, but also has other uses million-this is literal, arrived a few months ago a million recipes created.

Let’s see in what ways we can take full advantage of using it with IFTTT, seeing some of the most popular recipes we found more than useful. There are many recipes but most importantly of all, if you do not find what you’re looking for, we can create the recipe that we think is best.

  • The combination of Pocket and Evernote can be super powerful. When we read an article in Pocket and we want to keep but do not see on our Queue, then we can use this recipe to send all items read from Pocket an Evernote note .
  • Another way we store what we have read on Pocket is sending it to Delicious .
  • Another tool that we use a lot is probably Google Reader. Though not the best design in the world, is still very useful. And combined with Pocket we can save much time. If we think we read an article in Reader can mark it as a favorite to be automatically sent to Pocket .
  • For community managers, is a very useful tool. And also we can combine with Pocket. There is a recipe that allows all keep in links are also sent a copy to Pocket .
  • What happens when we have access to our favorite articles when we have no connection? We can use this recipe that sends articles to read from Pocket Dropbox in PDF form, so we can read at any time without having to access the web.
  • Feedly is another RSS reader-in fact, my favorite, which has a feature called “save for later” or save for later. This recipe allows you recommend these articles are also stored in Pocket .
  • Another way to store and read items is through email. With this recipe we can ship the items in Pocket read our mail .
  • A service that is much use StumbleUpon. With this tool you can find many interesting things. What allows this recipe is to send new StumbleUpon items directly to Pocket.
  • We go up a file as a public document to Dropbox and we need more places to store them? We can put them also in Pocket with this recipe.
  • Sometimes it happens that we do not have good signal to open a link found in social networks, but I really want to read it. If we can not send by mail and can not use anything internet related, this recipe is the solution that allows us to send an SMS to be kept in Pocket what we want.

Pocket has many uses and one of its advantages is that it can be combined with any other service, we’re exaggerating, yes, but it’s really useful. If you have not tried it, I recommend that you download the browser extension but also for mobile applications, especially that of the iPad, with no waste. About IFTTT, what else to say really puts internet to work for you.

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