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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Getting the most out of Twitter lists

Getting the most out of Twitter lists

New features in social networks are common. But in a platform like Twitter, which is not a social network as the exact definition of it, but a way of transmitting information, the changes are quite often rejected by users. For lists, a feature implemented with moderate success at first, ordinary users will not find much use at first, beyond a certain user group.

From the administration side of social media, you can find more uses. Some choose to use the to avoid following certain users, eg for analysis of competition, this, of course, has to be done through private lists, or to monitor certain users. It may also be useful for creating lists with team members. The use of lists for what is social media marketing are many, but we have compiled about 5 that seem very interesting and not difficult to implement.

  • To create content: you can create lists containing users from certain media or blogs are always interesting things to replicate. This can be done in two ways: either build a separate publication always giving the sources, or do a RT. The interaction possibilities are bigger if we do a “track”, as I like to call this type of action, me and the rest of us that the so-called plus make branding more important, to have the endorsement of our brand.
  • To prioritize followers and leaders of opinion: it is important that we create a user loyalty more important that we are following. Therefore, we can create playlists with the most important, always interact with, to see if we can answer some of your tweets more easily. We can also create playlists for example users with plenty of followers with whom we have assembled a campaign-we will not deny that these things happen, and much, in social networks to see if they are fulfilling their part of the deal.
  • To facilitate our work, we may need to keep many things at once. Be involves not always look inquiries and complaints and respond quickly, is a job with many facets. One is to pay attention, now I do sound like a college but is a little deeper than that, to get an idea of what the feeling of the community. Continue to provide home users but much of our work when we can lose that many thread. Create playlists and follow us to have a better idea of what we have been talking on the network.
  • To monitor means: another important part of our work involves follow the most important area in which we deal, so it is worth creating a list to hand to inquire.
  • To make competition studies: we have spoken of classic competition reports. We always have to see what our neighbor is doing. Not to imitate, but to get an idea. Hey, and maybe they are the ones that we are imitating. So, make a private list with actions of our competitors we can do much to always know what they’re up, saving time when creating an analysis of competition in social networks, for example.

As we said, these are just a few applications that can give list functionality. It depends, of course, for each account. The truth is not complicated and can be quite useful. To all CMs that are out there, how do you use your lists?

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