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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Mobile |

Getting your cloud storage with Wappwolf

Getting your cloud storage with Wappwolf

The services we provide space to store files in the cloud have been increasing lately and are very useful for users who are increasingly using mobile devices and need to have their documents accessible from anywhere. The party can be tedious is the time to move files from one to another site, but there are solutions for this, and here come IFTTT or services as Wappwolf that automate tasks that otherwise we would lose way too long.

The IFTTT Recipes we love because besides saving us hours we feel that magic happens and something invisible that we solve everyday tasks. Something we will also that perfectly complements IFTTT automatic actions whose services like Dropbox, Box or SkyDrive can help us make the most of the space we have in those accounts in the cloud.

Wappwolf is a service that connects to your Dropbox account, box, SkyDrive and other such actions and to automate the conversion of files, print from anywhere, compress and decompress zip files, encrypt or decrypt files, share and synchronize.

Definitely one of the utilities star is to maintain a backup of the files that have different types, and for accounts that use our DropBox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive for example, but we can also use them to develop other actions that we help manage our processes on the day. Some that I found terribly helpful and can give you ideas for adapting your own processes:

Send readings to your Kindle

With this action you can have them sent automatically to read files from your Kindle, and for this you need to combine it with IFTTT as a method to select these files. For example you can use a recipe as a PDF send items you mark with a star on your GReader , combined with automation Kindle Wappwolf to send everything you put on that Dropbox folder.

Keep a backup of your photos

Wappwolf is perfect for creating a photo file in your Dropbox account, Box or SkyDrive, automatically up everything you tell him, thus keeping a backup in different accounts in the cloud to ensure you do not lose your photos.

Automatically resize your photos and share

A good option to quickly resize multiple photos and share them via Facebook, Picassa, Flickr or Google+. You can also convert them to other formats or remove the EXIF data. You can also save them back to Dropbox to keep files processed photos for future reference.

Share videos and photos on Facebook

We may share photos and videos with our contacts in Facebook with a Wappwolf automation, while maintaining a copy already processed in our portfolio of cloud. Thus, when we need to use that photo or video will not have to search for them on Facebook to export it directly available and we ordered in our portfolio.

Convert audio files to MP3

One function of Wappwolf is to convert files to other formats and luckily not spared this audio files. Using this, for example, we can create an automation that transforms audio logs as we take notes during the day (eg can be very useful for meetings or conferences) and converted into MP3 to listen at the time it although we need another device. Then we could also safely share them through a link if you need to.

Wappwolf has a thousand combinations and is a very ductile to automate processes. If you are already using it, be sure to tell us your preferred shares in the comments.

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