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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Rumors |

Gift cards for Google Play come down the pike

Gift cards for Google Play come down the pike

In the last hours have been some pictures that allow us to assume that the Google gift cards may be in circulation soon. These cards may be used to buy Music, Movies, Books, plus Google Apps through Play, until recently known as Android Market.

The first image is striking, is a screenshot of version v3.8.15 Application Android Play Store, where you can see an option that would allow code to use a gift card to buy in the store.


But what is probably the strongest evidence, and that allows us to speculate on the forthcoming entry into service of the said cards, is this image released by the folks at Android Central, where you can see what appear to 2 wrappers cards with values of 10 and 25 dollars.

Gift cards for Google Play come down the pike image 2

However, beyond the guess we can do with the images available, we have nothing in particular. Google has not confirmed anything and, of course, still no information on the date that will go on sale in markets that are available.

The entry of gift cards to the market could bring many good things, not just Google, but also for users and application developers, at least in my opinion, and explain why:

  • For users, because many lack access to credit cards, and if they do, most prefer not to “compromise” buying applications in a virtual store. For example, in the case of parents, would be much simpler to give your child a gift card to buy at the store, to offer your credit card. Overall trading is a form more accessible, safe and easy to control.
  • A developer would give them the opportunity to increase sales as a result of this. Users could keep a balance on your account from Google to buy new applications or updates, and developers could use that. Until now, only you can purchase products from the store using Google Wallet (which also requires credit card). This new option could give new life to the Android application developers.
  • And Google would be a big move. First, because it would recover by selling some cards that are sacrificing profits by offering the Nexus 7 at cost. And secondly, because the Christmas season is quite close and, almost certainly, many will find on these cards a good gift choice.

For some time, Apple offers gift cards for the iTunes Store. BlackBerry also try something similar at some point and also services like Spotify offer, so we would not be in the presence of a new business model, but to one that could benefit all who are on the side of Android. We look forward to the next information.



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