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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in News |

Gift cards Google Play are now available in USA

Gift cards Google Play are now available in USA

Last week we commented on the appearance of some images showing what appeared to be packages of to Google Play. The photos-as expected-generated speculation that in the last few hours, rumors have gone from becoming a reality.

Although much sooner than we imagined, gift cards already on sale in some stores in the United States, in presentations of $10, $25 and $50. Establishments selected for the launch of the first batch of cards are Target, RadioShack and GameSpot. is expected to also start selling them in the coming days.

However, the news is not a joy for all, as many Android users living outside the United States hoped to gain access to these as soon as they were released, something that at least for now is not possible. Many users around the world have raised their voices to ask for gift cards in their respective countries, as we can see in the announcement thread that made Google through their social network.

Even if one managed to get access to one of these cards, I could not use it outside the U.S., for Google to locked activations outside this territory. Although surely will not be long before someone figures out a way to bypass the restriction. Ideally, Google listened to users and began offering the gift cards in other countries over the coming months, but so far there is no official confirmation about it.

Which leaves me some hope is the footnote on page in the official site of the cards , which clearly reads:

“Content subject to availability by country.”

Where could infer that eventually there will be available outside the United States, the questions are: When will they arrive? and What are the countries where Google plans?.

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