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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Social Networks |

Glossi, attractive social networking aggregator

Glossi, attractive social networking aggregator

There are many social networking aggregators. We have so many different ways to view our social networking activity options dizzy. But different ways of making our public activity in these networks becomes a material “worthy” to read, do not have many. We can, for example, synchronize our accounts in Flipboard , but we can not share. We may also use Feedly to display our feeds, or but we Instapaper . Today we will assess a service that we really liked called Glossi , that just gives a twist to the action of sharing our activity on social networks.

To start using it, we must first select a user name. If we use this tool for a brand, it is always advisable to have the same user name that we in Twitter. The same I did with my personal account to test the service. The fact that the process is very simple. Once you select the name, we have to synchronize Facebook and Twitter. Then we have to enter an email address to receive notifications of our service. Besides making the login to create a new account, you can sync other accounts.

We, obviously, Facebook, Twitter, but also Instagram, Foursquare and Tumblr. In the case of Facebook, we will be giving the application permission to access our news feed. In total, it took me less than five minutes to sync all my bills and have ready to use.

When we finished, we will have resulted in a very interesting way of displaying Internet content climbed daily, we can share with friends and contacts. When we created our profile, we realize that we have many options to manage it. Glossi take our header of Twitter and Facebook as well as our profile picture and biography, it is necessary to complete anything. On the top bar find all our synchronized networks for easy access. Below the header found a bar where we can differentiate the content according to type: images, videos, text and more. The interface, as you can see, is very interesting, and well organized information.

Glossi, attractive social networking aggregator image 2

However, for personal use is a fantastic aggregator. But we can start thinking about a use for brands. We may have a presence on many social networks. In fact, all supported on Glossi may be feasible for any company. The interesting thing about the service is that we can have centralized all our content. We can not publish, what for some will be a major disadvantage, but we can present information in a very attractive way.

Herein lies the fundamental use of Glossi: presentation. For heavy users of social networks is a great letter. For brands, is a great way for our clients and users find information in one place. Furthermore, its free so we will not have to spend budget on a new tool-we know it’s New Year and already the numbers are being considered.

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