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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Internet |

Gmail extends advanced search operators

Gmail extends advanced search operators

The Google guys have shown enough times that their projects are very much alive, a fact that is realized with the deployment of improvements and new features that, quite often, we can see in the search engine, Google Drive or . Just two weeks ago, the Gmail team presented us with a series of improvements to the wording of messages that allow us to work more comfortably and may consult messages stored while writing our new mail and, following this path to make things easier, Gmail comes with a series of developments relating to the advanced search for posts as we look to the size of the messages or their age.

One of the strengths of Gmail is undoubtedly the powerful search engine (maybe we can see looking things on other Google products ). Using the search engine can find messages that contain specific string or come from a particular sender, but thanks to the advanced search operators, we can further refine the search criteria to locate starred messages (with a star), messages that are in a particular folder or search attachments.

The family of advanced search operators is increased with three new additions quite interesting:

  • size: is a new operator that will allow us to locate the messages for attachments containing, occupy a certain size. That is, if we want to find those files taking 4MB, would have to put in the search engine size:4m
  • larger: is another operator with which we can locate messages “large” but instead to locate a specific size (which makes size), this operator will show the messages whose size is greater than or equal to that specified. That is, if we locate the messages that are larger than 5 MB, would be put in the form larger:5m
  • older_than: can serve to identify messages that are older than or equal to the specified but also can be combined with other operators and, for example, be possible to locate the messages that are larger than 4 MB and have more than one year old . Its use is quite simple, if for example we want to filter the messages that are more than one year, we will have to write in the search older_than:1y .

These three new operators, in addition to the classics from: (to filter by sender), to: (to specify a specific recipient), has:attachment (to select only messages containing attachments), filename: (to find messages containing attachments whose name matches the specified pattern), is:important (priority messages) or is:chat (to focus searches on Gtalk conversations) will allow us to find any kind of message or file from our Gmail inbox and comfortably walk without looking at hundreds of results (which is what we were getting when searching conventional).

Worth having around all these operators because, really, we can save time when locating a message.

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