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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Software |

Gmail improves function to compose and respond to e

Gmail improves function to compose and respond to e

This morning, Gmail has submitted a renewal for the role of writing and responding to messages . In an official blog post, Phil Sharp has a couple of quite useful changes. The first is that, when you click the draw button, the message now appears as a pop-up, a bit like chat windows. What for? Simple: to not lose the opportunity to sail in the background on old messages or keep an eye on the new mail arriving. Thus, we forget the old way, which meant open a draft could not interact with our tray unless we open another tab in the browser.

For this feature, has used the analogy of the chat windows. Thus, each new draft opens a pop-up and we have those who want on-screen simultaneously even jumping from one to another or leaving some for later pending. This has a direct impact on the speed, because the steps are reduced to secondary actions. Who has not done that is an important fact in the body of another post and have to close the draft (or change tab) to find this information? Now, everything is concentrated in the same workspace.

Gmail improves function to compose and respond to e image 2

Another detail is that Gmail has improved contact integration. When we write in the bar recipients, mail is autocomplete with options similar to what we enter. Now, to make this prediction, Gmail will display photographs of our contacts, as does, for example, Facebook-for we are certain that we are choosing the correct recipient. It had taken some time to have Gmail on this feature list.

The option will start to be available in the next few hours. Be activated from the view of “Compose Mail”, a button on the side of the label. As always, the changes can be tested, allowing return to the original form, for a period of adaptation. Also, Gmail has announced a pair of functions rather than implement the changes, such as eliminating the Save Now button (above all, because the drafts are saved automatically) or allow you to quickly choose whether responses are to one recipient or all.




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