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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in News |

Gmail is heralded as the most widely used email service in the world

Gmail is heralded as the most widely used email service in the world

According to the data for the month of October and published by ComSore , the email service of Google has proclaimed the most widely used email service worldwide.

With nearly 288 million users, has been hailed as the email service most used worldwide, ahead of Outlook, the new email service from Microsoft that has 286 million users, becoming the service email most used worldwide.

The third largest globally Yahoo! is occupied with about 282 million users. However, with nearly 77 million users, Yahoo! is in the first position while maintaining a comfortable lead in the United States against other rivals, with Gmail second with its 69 million users and Outlook in third place with 35.5 million users.

The data appears to end any existing dispute global dominance in the field of electronic messaging. This past June, the giant to Gmail proclaimed as the most used service globally , although this statement I can not be supported by third-party data as before.

The study also reveals that both Gmail and Yahoo are competing aggressively in similar markets, like the U.S., Japan or India. Instead Hotmail, Outlook or rather, seems to have its leadership prospects as markets are slightly different from France, Brazil and Mexico.

Note the possibility that Microsoft has lost some market share because of the high turnover in service at the moment, remember it is in beta. So do not be surprised that once you get the final version of Outlook disputes to stand as the No. 1 global intensify again.

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